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I'm a principal at Young & Laramore Advertising. I'm a columnist for McSweeney's. (A guy at The New Yorker said this about it: I'm a Dad of 3 and Husband of 1. I'm a coffee drinker. I'm a good driver. I'm a pet owner. I'm a blogger. I'm a guy looking at things on the internet. Sometimes the order of importance of these things changes around.

We need a word for abandoned or rarely attended-to blogs.

It might be a blerg. It might be Cyber-Hibernation. Except people with opinions stopped using “cyber-” non-ironically before this particular blog even barely got started. I might be blognating. Like stagnating. Hm. Nah, if you have to clarify, it’s not … Continue reading

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My Tattoo

At work, at the end of every single conversation, I find myself saying “Thanks, sorry.” It might be useful to have that as a tattoo. I’ve even considered having “Thanks!” on the knuckles of one hand, and “Sorry…” on the … Continue reading

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I’m Making Halley’s Comet My Goal

It’s supposed to return mid-2061. I’ll be in my late 90s. So that’s my goal: to see Halley’s Comet. Or have it described to me. And if I say that to enough people who outlast me, even if I don’t … Continue reading

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My Basic Problem

I currently own more books than I can expect to read in my lifetime, and yet I do not own all the books I would like to have read.

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